Pressed Debut Furniture Collection

The Pressed Debut Furniture Collection is the first exploration by Floris Wubben of ceramic furniture made by extrusion, the process of pressing clay with a profile. Pressing and assembling various components resulted in a series of tables and totem planters. Floris also conducted experiments with a combination of glazing and epoxy. The process generated raw forms inspired by industry and nature, but made by hand. The collection is the result of a collaboration with the European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) and The Future Perfect.

Striker table
Stoneware with matte metallic glaze
D 75cm x H 75cm

Reflection table
Stoneware with special green/blue glaze
D 65cm x H 35cm

Twist Table
Resin coated stoneware
D 125cm x H 75cm

Twist Table
Resin coated stoneware
D 125cm x H 75cm

Defence Table
Stoneware with yellow/black glaze
D 85cm x H 35cm

Trident Table
Resin coated stoneware
D 55cm x H 60cm

Totemplanter Iguana
Stoneware with transparant glaze
D 45cm x H 125cm

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