Saw Collection

Designer Floris Wubben is fascinated by extrusion. In his case, pressing ceramics using self-designed profiles. Pressure and friction during the extrusion process causes the clay to crack, a technique that Floris exploits as part of the design process. That led to the Saw Collection, a series of lamps, vases and wall sculptures made of stoneware. The pointy and whimsical objects are lavishly glazed just before firing, giving the sharp edges a smooth touch.

Saw lamp
stoneware with lava glaze
D 30cm x H 55cm

Saw Vase
stoneware with white glaze and brown clay
D 30cm x H 45cm

Wall sculpture #1
stoneware with red/brown glaze
L 200cm x H 80cm

Wall sculpture #1
stoneware with green/blue glaze
L 200cm x H 80cm


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